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About Us

Thanks for coming to our new food blog, Half+Half! We decided to start this blog for a few reasons—first: we have a shared love of food (duh), and second: we want to create a platform for underrepresented people to share their food stories too. Communities of color and other minority groups are often overlooked or unnecessarily homogenized in food media and we want to help change that (like, “Oriental-Style Dressing” anyone?). We’re also going to have the standards of food and culture blogs: recipe posts, restaurant recaps, travel posts, upcoming events in town, and useful links you may be interested in.

About Justin

Half+Half co-founder Justin grew up around Portland, Oregon and has lived in Seattle for almost three years. He started being more and more interested in food once he started delving into his Japanese heritage and the meals his family would make on holidays. Pursuing an Ethnic Studies degree from Oregon State University only pushed him further into trying to know as much as he could about identity and the food that connects us to it. Nowadays he can be found working as an admissions and diversity officer for a code bootcamp – helping to get more minorities and disadvantaged peoples into tech. In his spare time he likes to cook (obviously), play volleyball, feverishly grow his mustache, and wear suits. Go Beavs!

Instagram: @jeetjeetribbyribby
Photography Portfolio: Justin Taylor Images

About Miko

Miko is a native Seattleite with a strong love for all things the Emerald City has to offer. She grew up watching her mother and grandmother cooking Filipino favorites for every family occasion and was hella jealous so she pushed to learn how to cook as well. During the day Miko works as a freelance designer and photographer. Otherwise you can find her watching Seattle sports teams, cooking, and hanging out with her dope-ass cat.

Instagram: @yo_miko
Snapchat: mmmmiko
Design Portfolio: be.net/mikorussell
Photography Blog: mikorussell.com